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Therapy Software

- for therapists working for multiple nursing companies

Therapy Software to Manage Your Staffing Needs

Contract TherapySoftware (in a partnership with TherapySync) is the leader in the industry of therapy software. Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (ST) tools are changing in our modern era of technology. is bringing the solution to you (by way of our partner: Dynamic Therapy Solution).The future is rooted deeply in a powerful technology platform and a continued emphasis on opening up new and improved communication channels for our clients and patients. The "Digital Era" is upon us and technology is quickly becoming a core competency. Old industry norms and assumptions are gone - replaced by innovation and creativity. This is a full program for complete control of your therapy company. Several options apply to each category and include, but are not limited to:

Paper Documents Getting Lost and Piling Up?

We offer an innovative paperless system which uses signatures obtained in the patients home using top level technology with laptops. This means that you can say goodbye to all of those stacks of paperwork sitting around the office. It is for all home health PT/OT/ST documentation which is Medicare compliant and passed by HIPPA, CHAPS and CARF inspections. This software provides the ability to co-sign notes as each record has assigned an evaluator and if applicable an assistant. The assistants' notes go to the supervisors log for the co-signature and then move on to the nursing companies for printing. These documents are printable online by anyone you give access to.

Seamless Hardware and Software Integration

The way our system is designed and intended to be used, allows you to capture signatures right on your personalized therapy software laptop. We use in which laptops that the screen folds down and turns into a simulated document which is sign-able. We have the ability to turn your home computer mouse into a pen so you can co-sign notes from anywhere if you don't have your laptop available. (DTS will help you purchase the hardware). Tech support is provided for the hardware for a monthly fee.

Features No Other Company Can Offer Because They Aren't In The Same Home Health Contracting Business, Like We Are.

We have been in the same field you are, and still are. We started out as a Home Health Therapy Contracting company, and we are still actively seeing patients, using out own Therapy Software. We initially developed the software for us as a way to make things easier, and once we saw how much easier, and faster things were getting done, we decided to sell the software as well. We took all of the guesswork out of the software you have been wanting, and we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a product that was developed for therapists, by therapists.

Therapy Software is the industry leading software solution.